Welcome to The Ease.

We are about minimal design, natural textures and responsible production.

Owner and designer Sarah, creates each piece to be timeless, worn for years and universal in age. They are to be worn with effortlessness, grace, and ease.

We aim to be responsible in the creation of our pieces. We know that in its nature, fashion is not a sustainable industry. That's why we focus on these key pillars to produce our garments mindfully, and we encourage those who shop with us to do so consciously. 

  • We only create in small batches. This means, we don't over produce, and aren't creating garments that we can't or don't sell, ending up slashing prices or worse, ending up in landfill. 
  • We focus on sustainable fabrics. We choose our fibers carefully that have the least impact on mother earth. This may be in water required to make, chemical processing, or power consumption to produce. We predominantly make our garments out of linen, cotton and new sustainable fiber blends. 
  • We partner ethically. Our women's garments are 100% produced in Bali. Our factory pays above award wages, and for many of our workers they are the main breadwinner for their families. Some of our Little Ease garments are produced in China, where we audit the factories we work with based on their working conditions and commitment to sustainable production. 
  • We use limited packaging. We use very little packaging of our Ease garments. We don't use swing tags, or other unnecessary packaging. Our mailers are all compostable, as are our thank you cards and tissue paper wrapping. We use biodegradable tape and recyclable twine. We do this to minimise our environmental footprint. 

We continue to assess our design and production processes to ensure we are treading lightly on mother earth. 

We are proudly Australian-based, and The Ease is run from owner Sarah's home town of Torquay/ Jan Juc in Victoria.